Politically Incorrect Turkish Humor — ‘The Lout’ Cartoon-strip Collection

Numerous of you currently know how Peri and I like the Turkish cartoon-humor of ‘Maganda’ (The Lout), the cartoon-strip that we very first found in Gözcü Gazetesi (The Watchman Newspaper) six or seven years ago. We have appreciated the cartoon-sequence on a number of concentrations…due to the fact of its value in serving to us explain the this means of Turkish idioms and cultural ‘idiosyncrasies’ — and because of its pure cartoonist humor, generally somewhat politically-incorrect, that can make us chuckle.

In the standard cartoon case in point witnessed here, when The Lout is caught in flagrante dilecto by his wife in their marital mattress with a fairly youthful stranger, the wife shouts, “Whaaat?! You happen to be in my bed…with an additional woman, huh?” The Lout, in his usual dim-witted and weaselly way, attempts to excuse his behaviour indicating, “Never be angry, my dear wife…I can describe. You see, though you had been away, this youthful woman dropped by to acquire donations for charity. After I gave her some of your previous dresses and footwear, she questioned, ‘Is there anything at all else that your wife would not use?’ — So that’s how we landed in bed.”

For most of the several years immediately after we found the cartoon sequence, the cartoonist was Volkan Atalay — up through the stop of 2005, in actuality. But in 2006, the cartoon-strip bought a identify modify and a new cartooning artist. It’s nonetheless as desirable as ever, but it is now termed ‘Kaygisiz’ — which virtually suggests ‘carefree, untroubled’. Figuratively talking, ‘Kaygisiz’ also carries a sort of a MAD Magazine, Alfred E. Newman, ‘What Me Worry’ connotation. And though the cartooning is now completed by Ergin Asyali, the principal loutish character is unmistakably the very same that Volkan Bey first launched.

Now, the problem is… what transpired to Volkan Bey? We’ve preferred to contact him to thank him for the lots of many years he entertained us — and aided us reveal Turkish language points on our web page. But we haven’t had any luck. If a person of our viewers understands how we could get to him, please fall us a line… Else, level him to this post so that he could know of our appreciative admiration for his superlative cartooning artistry.

Jim and (co-creator) Perihan Masters are a spouse and spouse team, dwelling on the Aegean Coast of Turkey just fifty miles south of Izmir. Jim was born in Shanghai, China — of American armed service parentage. If you loved this article and you would like to get more details relating to naruto qartulad kindly visit our internet site. Peri was born on the Black Sea coast of Turkey near Trabzon, of Turkish army parentage…Enticed by a Financial Situations ad, Jim joined a NATO sponsored company in Ankara in 1974 exactly where he met the attractive and brainy Perihan, a growing young Turkish banking govt. Settled now in the heart of what was at the time the ancient Ionian Empire — the pair stay an idyllic everyday living by the sea.. writing, drawing and painting, training English, and offering computing assistance assist to area

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